Zeolite Products : ZeoPrep - Water Treatment

Zeolite has been used for over 30 years as a molecular sieve bed media (open air gravity feed filter, NH4-ion removal).The high purity, low sodium natural zeolite powder or granules used in ZeoPrep filters are classified as “GRAS” and used in the following applications:

  • Water and Waste Water Treatment
  • Commercial and Industrial Water Filtration
  • RO Pretreatment
  • Municipal Water Treatment

The following design specifications apply:
                Gravity Flow Beds – 4+ gpm/ft2
                Pressure Vessels – 12-20 gpm/ft2

There are significant advantages to using ZeoPrep zeolites over sand/anthracite as a filter media in sieve beds.Simplified bed loading, ZeoPrep replaces all sand, garnet and anthracite, etc.  You have a higher throughput capacity (2-3 times) and double the solids loading capacity. Additionally, you have a nominal filtration rating of <5 microns. ZeoPrep reduces backwash, thus conserving water and costs 30% lower in transit expenses.

To date ZeoPrep zeolites have been used in a wide variety of applications:
                PO Pretreatments
                Surface Water Turbidity/ TSS Filtration
                Reacreational Park and Pool Filtration
                Municipal Drinking Water Filters
                Resort Complex Drinking Water Filtration
                Municipal Sewage Plant Filters
                Power Plant Filtration
                Industrial Water Filtration
                                Cooling Towers
                                Waste Water Treatment

                USDOE/EPA – Nuclear and Superfund Site Water Filtration                               

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